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"Feeding" your oil finished floor!

What does “Soap your floors” mean?  It means mop your floors with WOCA Natural Soap.  WOCA Natural Soap Natural is for natural to dark floors, WOCA Natural Soap White is for light to white floors, and WOCA Natural Soap Gray is for gray floors.  WOCA Natural Soap is designed to clean and protect oil finished surfaces from dirt, stains and wear and tear.  WOCA Natural Soap cleans and leaves behind an invisible layer of soy and coconut fats, which greatly help to ward off most anything.  When used on a regular basis, WOCA Natural Soap makes your oil finished floor more dirt and wear resistant and easier to keep clean.

It is important to carefully consider what product to use when you clean your Oil finished floor.  You can easily end up with an unwanted result if you use common household items instead of WOCA Natural Soap.  The pH value in some household items is very high, which can strip the finish, discolor the wood and leave your floor unprotected.

Think of it like caring for your skin.  You want a product that cleanses AND protects it from getting dry and cracked.    Like a moisturizing cleanser, WOCA Natural Soap removes the dirt while creating a new microscopic, breathable soap film on the surface.  

WOCA Natural Soap cleans the surface and contains soy and coconut fats that nourish and protect the wood creating a more durable surface.   The floor becomes more dirt and wear resistant when used on a regular basis.  WOCA Oil Refresher cleans the surface and has a bit of oil in it, which rejuvenates the finish.  WOCA Natural Soap and WOCA Oil Refresher work together as a system to clean, protect and revive your floor.  For a durable, well protected, beautiful Oil finish, we recommend mopping with WOCA Natural Soap on a regular basis and mopping with WOCA Oil Refresher once every 3-6 months. 

Check out the video below to see how easy this is! Feed your floor!

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