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Quality. Timeless. Artistic. Three words that come to mind when describing our fully custom hardwood floors. Not only is the Wood Floor Warehouse a retail store, but we are also a manufacturing company, giving us the ability to bring our customers a top-of-the-line, luxury hardwood floor at an affordable price.

Our Floors are...

  • Handcrafted by local Utah artisans

  • Custom stained and finished with UV cured WOCA oil from Denmark

  • One of a kind.... Each floor a masterpiece

  • Pre-Finished, ready to install

  • Pet and family friendly

  • A lifetime product... with proper maintenance, our floors PATINA with age

  • Fully customizable: we can make you ANY wood, any color, any texture

  • 100% American Made

Below is a step by step guide to creating your very own solid hardwood floor. 

Choose a Wood Species

Every species has a slightly different look and hardness. 


Walnut / 1010


Birch / 1260

red oak.jpg

Red Oak / 1290

white oak nat.jpg

White Oak / 1360


Hickory / 1820

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