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Cortez, Colorado

Founder Doug Muscanell has a long history in the wood products industry. After earning a degree in forestry from Paul Smiths College in upstate New York, he worked in every aspect of lumber milling operations, starting as a sawyer, and working into engineering equipment and plant layout for the timber industry. Eventually, he followed a lifelong dream of starting his own business in the West. For over a decade, Doug and his wife Karen Harbaugh crafted high quality wooden boxes for the fine American craft market. Doug then turned the business back towards the “milling” scene. With the influence of the meticulous quality standards incorporated in the boxes, they began producing precisely-milled, long-length hardwood flooring.Many of our crew serve in volunteer positions as firefighters, in church and community groups like 4-H. We care about flooring, about our neighbors, and about our customers. 

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