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Bend, Oregon

Morelock Wood Products is a second generation, family owned and operated company which began in 1961. A small craft producer of custom wood products nestled in scenic Central Oregon, Morelock Wood Products draws on the natural beauty of the cascade mountains and high desert to bring a unique Northwest flavor to its many products. Pacific Northwest native woods and cutting edge techniques set the Morelock Brothers apart as innovators in the industry and their lifelong experience in their craft, guarantees exemplary products and service. The Morelock Brothers began working in the family business at the ages of 7 and 8, stacking lumber for their parents in the family barn. As the company grew,  the operation moved in 1978 from West Linn, OR to Bend, OR where it continues today. Over 100 years of combined experience and 3 generations in the wood products industry means the products manufactured by the Morelocks are more than just wood, they're a family tradition. 

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